Streets of Old Havana

Mercaderes streetThe arrangement of the Havana streets was signed by the gradual process of the city’s growth, starting from its epicentre, in the surroundings of the Arm’s Square.

street in Old HavanaThough the years, the streets received their names in an informal way, being it the appellative of some neighbour, the allusion of a connoted event, the presence of a leafy communal tree, a temple, a trade of for other worthy reasons to be remembered.

The fulfilment of what disposed in the Royal Code of Indies , relative to form narrow publics ways in warm places, so they could be shadowed without difficulty with awnings or by the buildings, is direct cause of the straitness of the streets that is found today in Old Havana. The names of most streets of Old Havana, have remained practically invariable trough the years.