National Museum of Music

National Museum of MusicA beautiful small palace built at the beginning of XX century, with a elaborated prevalence of the eclecticism with neoclassical elements. The house was in its time center of interesting gatherings of outstanding artists like Federico García Lorca, Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, Eduardo Zamacois, María Guerrero and the musician René Dumesnil.

Opened in 1971, the collections exhibited in their rooms offer a wide information of the development of the music and the musical instruments in Cuba from the XVI century until the XX one.
It also has an unique collection of original scores, old editions of musical documents, disks, strange or curious instruments, musical mechanics equipment, historical objects, piece of art and books.

This institution promotes the result of its researches and investigations that are divulgedassiduously in conferences, exhibitions, concerts and specialized publications.
The visitors cannot only see the rooms, but also listen music in the sound archive or consult books and magazines.

Musicians and their relatives , organizations, national and international institutions and collectors, have helped to make up the extensive catalog of their funds.

National Museum of MusicAt the moment it has ten exhibition rooms , five permanent and five temporary. The first ones include the following topics: Mechanical instruments (a journey for the history of the sound world that includes toothed rollers music boxes , breaker plates, pianolas rolls , phonographs, etc); Afro-Cuban Instruments (linked to the African cults originated and settled down in Cuba); Cuban Instrumental Groups (belonging to the second half of the XIX century and the begining of the XX one); Organology (families of folclóricos instruments from several areas of the world); Ambience (unique pieces of great artistic value belonged to musician Hubert Blanck).
The museum also offers, audition services, recordings and transfer from different supports.

In the Small Theater, Gisela Hernández bands of small format can record. In this theater also takes place musical shows; conferences, presentations of disks and books, and other offers.

The institution has a store for the sale of CD, cassettes and Cuban music LD, as well as musical intruments, instruments and souvenirs.

Address: Street Carcel, No. 1 between Havana and Aguiar. Telf: 863 0052
Entrance: 2.00 CUC.