Carlos J. Finlay Historical Museum of Science

Carlos J. Finlay Historical Museum of ScienceThe building from 1678, former Real Academy of Medicine,Physics and Natural Sciences of Havana, became the museum since 1868. Some years later it had the first museum in Cuba, inaugurated in May 19th,1874, and sponsored by the Real Academy. It was also a convent of the order Agustinos, the first Anatomic Museum in the country and the first school of engineering in Cuba.

Carlos J. Finlay Historical Museum of Science inherited the collections of these institutions and the building was declared National Monument, due to the historical events it witnessed. Among them are the presentation made by Doctor Carlos Juan Finlay announcing to the world the discovery of the transmitter of the yellow fever, and a public speech made by the scientist Albert Einstein, during his visit to Cuba.

Carlos J. Finlay Historical Museum of ScienceCarlos J. Finlay Historical Museum of Science (Einstein, during his visit to Cuba)The museum’s rooms show the first steps of science in the greatest of the Antilles, the history of the Real Academy of Science of Havana and the participation of physicians in the wars of independence; a pharmacy of the 19th century; a scientific laboratory at that time and a brief information about science at international level.
It also has an art gallery and a valuable library with more than 95 volumes, a historical holding of manuscripts from the 19th century and Carlos J. Finlay’s personal objects.

Address: 460 Cuba between Amargura and Brasil,Old Havana.
Telephone: 863 4824.
Open: Mondays through Fridays 8:00 to 17:00; Saturdays 9:00 to 15:00.