Marquis de Aguas Claras' House

Marquis de Aguas Claras' house (El Patio restaurant)El Patio, the residence of the Marquis de Aguas Claras is placed in the Cathedral Square, in the heart of the Old Havana. This nice restaurant is placed in one of the most beautiful mansions of the 18th century, former residence of the Marquis of Aguas Claras.

Although it offers traditional Cuban food, it speciality is meat and crustaceous, dishes as the Cathedral Mixed Grill (a varied grill) and skewers of lobsters and shrimps. The bar serves a collection of wines beers, rums and cocktails.
Among the attractions of the Old Havana are the ambiance of the colonial patios, full of twining plants, flowerpots, these are some of the aspects that call visitors attention.

Marquis de Aguas Claras' house (El Patio restaurant)It is almost impossible the visitors do not stop his walk in front of the fountain of the old house. In ancient times, the patio was the centre of the Cuban family life. No matter how modest the house was it always had one. Iron grates to protect the gates became popular since 1820, giving them a peculiar touch of distinction.

That’s why is recommended to take a rest after a walk by the warm streets of Havana in the restaurant El Patio, one of the most beautiful buildings in the aged area. Its construction began in 1751 and ended in 1755, with some distinguishing elements, that makes the house one of the most interesting ones of the 18th century Cuban architecture.



Address: 54 San Ignacio Street. Catedral Square, Old Havana.

Tel. (53 7) 867-1034 • 867-1035. Fax:(53 7) 867-1034

Open from 11:00a.m to 1:00 p.m.