Torreon de San Lazaro (San Lazaro Turret)

Torreón de San LázaroThe creek next to the town, where the turret was erected was known at first by the name of the lot’s owner Juan Guillén. Afterwards during the 18th century a hospital called San Lázaro was built near the creek which took on the same name.

It was built in 1633 by the engineer Marcos Lucio who traveled to Havana to survey the fortifications. The turret was to be used as a watchtower. When pirate ships were spotted, a bonfire was lighted on top of the turret.

The construction of the first stretch of breakwater made the leveling of a part of the creek necessary. On 1916, to build the monument to Antonio Maceo, another part was filled, leaving the turret a little farther from the sea.

Address: San Lázaro y Malecón