Santa Dorotea de Luna de La Chorrera (Chorrera Fortress)

Chorrera fortressIf the 16th century had La Real Fuerza as an invulnerable shield in its military conception, and the 17th century had La Punta and El Morro as the acme of the first defensive stage, new works would be added to these three great pillars.

Successive surveys to the city left multiple advices on what were regarded as weak points. In 1633 the agent of the governor at the Cortes (Parliament), Simón Fernández Leyton, saw the convenience of building the fortress La Chorrera . This turret would be at the mouth of the river: La Chorrera to the south. Later on the new governor, Pedro de Valdés, wrote a letter to the king proposing the creation of fortress at this place.

Once again Antonelli was the one in charge of the fortress. In the building he gave priority to the turret. Storehouses, barracks for fifty men and a drawbridge were added to La Chorrera wells.

Chorrera FortressIn May, 1643 Álvaro de Luna, Captain General of the island, reported to the king the completion of Santa Dorotea de Luna de La Chorrera Fortress (he named the fort after his wife).

The fortress were severely damaged by the English invasion. In 1762 the bastion at La Chorrera put up a fight against the attempt to land troops in that area. The Cuban Luis de Aguiar, militia colonel, endured the siege until he ran out of ammunition.

Address (Chorrera): Malecon Avenue