Fortaleza El Príncipe (The Prince Fortress)

Principe fortressAfter the siege and occupation of Havana by the English, from 1762 to 1763, a careful consideration of the weak points that led to the Spanish defeat began.

In order to protect the fortresses and the troops that should fight in case of an enemy landing, a new fortification was built on the Aróstegui Hill, named after its former owner Agustín Aróstegui y Loynaz.

The structure of the Castillo del Príncipe, built by the German engineer Agustín Crame beginning in 1767, is that of an irregular pentagon with two bastions, big moats, mining galleries, etc. The name of El Príncipe (The Prince) was given to it to honor the son of the King Carlos III.

When the jailhouse that had been near the castle of La Punta since 1839 closed down, its functions were taken up by El Príncipe. In the first half of the 20th century the fortress became a background for political demonstrations.

Address: Zapata y Avenida de los Presindentes (Calle G)