Convento de Santa Teresa de Jesus

Santa Teresa ConventThis was the last of the convents established in Havana in the 18th century. Its founders were the Doctor of Medicine Francisco Moreno and his wife Ana Ladino. Both devoted great amounts of money from their personal wealth to the construction of the convent and the church.

The works were supported by the Bishop Diego Avelino de Compostela, who did so much in behalf of the town’s growth. In 1704 he was buried at this convent of Discalced Carmelites in the wall on the side of the Gospel.

The convent was built around 1700 at the place where, by the end of 17th century, the Bishop of Compostela had created a house for foundlings. Apparently the church was erected afterwards. It has a nave with transverse arches dividing it in different compartments. The cloister, by its part, is counted among the roomiest and most attractive of the 18th century. The airy roomy chambers had scrollwork ceilings, fences of rounded balusters and great doors and windows. Regrettably, in 1929 the Carmelites moved to a new building. Ever since, the convent has been damaged because of the different uses it has been put to.

Address: Comportela y Teniente Rey