Convento de San agustin

San Agustín ConventUnder the influence of the Bishop Juan de las Cabezas, elected in 1602, the creation of a convent for the hermit religious order of Saint Augustine, under the auspices of Our Lady of The Candlemas, was promoted. By 1633 the works on the convent were already advanced, and by 1660 alms money was used to decorate the church and the convent.

In its first stage, the church had two naves, but by 1800 it already had three wide and bright ones. It was devoted to the brotherhoods of the Candlemas, of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, of Saint Francis of Sales and of Our Lady of Victory.

The convent has but a cloister and a courtyard housing the servant’s quarters and those of the thirty holy men living there. The house answered to the Province of the Name of Jesus of Mexico.

San Agustín ConventThe outside of the temple, one of its main attractions, has a remarkable influence from Mexican architecture, noticeable on the waved crag made out of curves and concavities. In 1842 the building came to be ruled by the Third Order of Saint Francis and two years later by the First one.

Nowadays the temple has many images from the Iglesia de San Francisco, among them the one of the Christ of the True Cross. That’s why it has been called Convento de San Francisco.

Address: Amargura e/ Cuba y Aguiar