Plastic arts

Museo de la Orfebreria (The House of Silversmith)

Located in an old colonial house where the famous silversmith Gregorio Tabares lived and had his workshop since 1707, the House of Silversmith also hosts the Congregation of San Eloy Silversmiths, which gathers those who have this occupation at present.

Colonial Art Museum

The house belonged to Don Luis Chacon, three times Military Governor of Cuba. The building was finished around 1622, and is considered as the first one rebuilt at the square, in the 18th century majestic style, which prevails in the present environment of the place.

National Museum of Fine Arts

The National Museum of Fine Arts holds a rich collection reaching over 47,000 Cuban and universal pieces. It’s rebirth took place in July 2001 in three magnificent buildings, the original building, the colonial Barracks of Calvalry and the Asturian Center. The history of this museum has been eventful since its first and precarious building in 1913, located on Lucena Street until it was moved to the building finished in 1955 that hosts this institution since then.