H. Upmann Bank Building

It was the first building constructed expressly for this purpose in Havana. Completed in 1904, it belonged to the German Hermann Upmann, owner of several brands of cigars.

The custom house (Aduana)

The custom house was one of the main administrative institutions of the city from its very beginning. It was built in 1910, next to the spot where the first custom house stood in the 16th century, in the old dock of San Francisco.

Espada Graveyard

This graveyard owes its name to the venerable Spaniard Juan José Díaz de Espada y Fernández de Landa who arrived in Havana to fulfill his duty as bishop in 1802.

Segundo Cabo Palace

In 1772 the army engineer and native of Havana Antonio Fernández de Trebejos began its construction. The building was meant to be used as Quartermaster Corps and Post Office.

Bacardí Building

At the end of 19th Century, the Bacardi rum was very famous in Cuba and abroad. Its creator, Don Emilio Bacardi, was a Spaniard settled in the island. It is said that he had a bat as a talisman which was used as logo in the first distillery that made him to win fortune.

Nova Scotia Bank Building

This became one of the most influential Canadian bank branches in the Cuban financial world. The building was completed in 1914.