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Cathedral of HavanaAccording to the historical tradition, Havana was the last of the first seven villages founded by order of Diego Velázquez. One of his deputies, Pánfilo de Narváez, founded it on July 25 th of 1514, baptizing it with the name of San Cristobal de La Havana, for the saint of the day and the indigenous district of Havana, where was established the village.

Some time later, apparently for the insalubrities of the place, part of the neighbors requested from Velázquez the permission to emigrate toward the northern coast, where they settled this time next to the Casiguaguas River, today know as Almendares.

On November 16 of 1519, took place the establishment of the village in the current place that today occupies what is called Old Havana in the current Cuban capital. As curiosity, we can mention that Havana founded by Narváez, was not completely abandoned by its residents, so during an uncertain time, the two Havanas coexisted, one in the north and the other in the south.

On the XVII century, Old Havana received two Royal Graces, when being declared in 1634 by Royal Decree, as Key of the New World and Safeguard of the Western Indies, and in 1665, the right to use its own shield, where were represented, with tree turrets, the castle (Castle of La Real Fuerza, Morro and La Punta) that then defended the city.

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